In recent years, outdoor areas such as outdoor kitchens, screened porches with fireplaces, decks and patios have become increasingly popular.  They not only offer additional space for socializing but can also be a retreat for simply relaxing. Outdoor living spaces should capture the personality of your house and compliment your home. Let Palmetto Construction & Renovations help make your outdoor space the best it can be!



Decks and Patios in Columbia SC

There are two reasons you would call for outdoor work on your deck or patio:

Exterior Renovations and Deck/Patio Building and Remodeling

You want a whole new outdoor experience.

Maybe you don’t even have a deck or patio, or maybe you have a small one. In that case, you call us to help consult on a design for a beautiful new patio design.

Additional Bed Rooms

Your existing deck or porch are not holding up.

This happens due to age or lack of attention. It happens: many of us forget that these things need upkeep, and parts of your home basically just get old. It’s time to fix the existing structure, add to it (adding covered porches to existing porches, for example) or tear it down and put in a completely new deck.

In either case, Palmetto Construction and Renovation can handle the particulars of rebuilding, remodeling, removing, and installing new decks, patios, and porches. If you are designing a patio layout call us and we can go over how we can build it for you.

Sunrooms and Exterior Rooms

Let’s talk more about exterior rooms. While we might get a little preoccupied with decks and porches as the primary focus of exterior renovations, it’s also the case that new and existing structures can be built or converted to useful spaces (like an office or work area) or a beautiful place of relaxation, like a sunroom. These rooms attach to your home, but function like a totally additional room to your house. Once of the most popular examples of an exterior room is a sunroom.

Sunrooms are made primarily of glass and allow sunlight to come in and warm the room and provide beautiful and comfortable natural light. Most homes don’t come equipped with these rooms, so it is up to homeowners and renovation companies to handle the dirty work.
Luckily, we can build external and outdoor rooms like sunrooms and other additions to your home. These rooms are quite the undertaking, requiring extensive planning and time. But we can make this process painless on your part by providing the expertise and support you need to get the job done.

Expert patio builders columbia sc

Whether it’s a new screened porch, a remodeled patio, or a brand-new sunroom, Palmetto Construction and renovation can help. Just call us at 803-917-5755 to find out how we can make your house a dream home.

Why Palmetto Construction & Renovation?

First and foremost, Palmetto Construction and Renovation is about the customer experience. Jim Evatt, owner and operator, and his staff remain in constant contact with you during the renovation process. So not only is your renovation of the highest quality, but so is your experience.

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