Kitchen Remodeling for The Midlands

Kitchens are always the hub of the house so you want them to be comfortable and inviting.  They also need to provide the proper storage and cooking space.  If you are considering a kitchen makeover, let us evaluate your space and offer suggestions that will provide the most impact.  Sometimes changing even the smallest thing can make a huge difference! 


Beautiful Kitchen Remodels done to your specifications.

What Kind of Renovations Can I Get?

Short answer: Almost anything! It just depends on your home.

Long answer: Depending on the structure of your home, the internal plumbing layout, and the electrical system in place, quite a few things can happen to make your kitchen how you want it.

1. You can take down specific, non-load-bearing walls to make more room for open kitchen designs.
2. You can move or install islands, even if they have electrical outlets and sinks attached.
3. You can shift counters and your main kitchen sink to the location you want.
4. You can add additional fixtures, like an additional or secondary kitchen sink.

There are also several options that can brighten and change up your kitchen, including

Additional Bed Rooms

Changing out your cabinets for a new finish.

Home Remodeling By PCR

Changing the hardware (handles and knobs) on your cabinets.

Bathroom Remodel and Removal

Removing or replacing tile or hardwood flooring

So, whatever you think you can do, you are probably able to do a whole lot more.

Professional Contractors

What Can Palmetto Construction and Renovation Do for You

We specialize in kitchen remodels, and we can give you the advice, skill, and expertise needed to get the job done. We’ll also walk through the process with you and provide a free estimate on the job and its costs. And, if there are additional services needed that fall outside of our specialization, we can help you find the right Columbia, SC contractor for the job.

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Why Palmetto Construction & Renovation?

First and foremost, Palmetto Construction and Renovation is about the customer experience. Jim Evatt, owner and operator, and his staff remain in constant contact with you during the renovation process. So not only is your renovation of the highest quality, but so is your experience.

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